Advanced Chemicals

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Identity, branding, and packaging project for a UK based HVAC cleaning product company.



Advanced (formerly Advanced Engineering) is a UK centric HVAC chemical cleaning brand that has enjoyed a virtual monopoly in its local market. Research with global partners heavily suggested the brand lacked a cohesive identity, also, unclear packaging meant many customers were unsure which product should be used for which HVAC application.

My role

Creative director & lead designer. Working with the existing team at Advanced, I was tasked with two challenges; firstly, to create a fresh, cohesive new identity with complementary brand look and feel, suitable for a global market. Secondly, to make the entire range understandable in a retail setting.

Graphic language

A key driver for the Advanced product range comes from its expertise in chemistry. Some truly innovative chemical designs had been achieved by the team to tackle all manner of HVAC cleaning problems. It was in the development of the graphic language that I started to look at the typical diagrammatic style of chemical symbols.
The new brand marque kept a familiar feel to the old version through the use of the original typeface in the wordmark, but added a hexagonal form for two reasons; to help it align with the rest of the parent company brand marques, and to reference the basic diagram style of chemical structure drawings.
Brand guidelines, supporting graphics and style sheets were created for product information display and packaging. Typographic rules were established as well as use of custom graphics and brand colours.

Packaging style

Updating the product packaging presented the largest challenge, with over 1400 labels in over 20 languages there was an urgent need to reduce the SKU count. The solution was to incorporate 4 languages onto every label. This feat was achieved thanks to the use of peel and reveal label types – used on the back labels.
The product range is colour coded by application. It is now easier for the customer to understand the family of products within each application category.