Big Foot Systems

Construction + Engineering | B2B

Development of the Big Foot Systems premium brand position.



The BFS project team were being undercut by cheap imitation suppliers. The service proposition and brand needed to be repositioned as the premium, trustworthy choice as well as communicated to a new audience (architects and construction companies).
Having consulted the Big Foot Technical team, it was apparent that an archive of project case studies had been kept by the project managers, but had not been consistently recorded. Project imagery was varied in quality, as was the written copy. Over the years multiple project managers had written the case study descriptions – none of whom had a consistent tone of voice.

My role

It was my task to define a new visual strategy and premium tone of voice. I directed one other graphic designer and together we produced a number of deliverables to showcase the new brand direction. The new design system incorporated photography, illustration, motion design, print & social patterns.

Graphic language

The scoping project began with an audit of the existing graphic language assets: Brochures,  photography, illustration, data sheets, adverts & social media. Having pulled all these elements together I began to map out the competitor landscape and devise a look and feel that would elevate the BFS brand to the premium status the board knew they occupied.


All photographic assets were converted to grayscale, given a contrast boost and slight grain effect. This gave a more consistent photographic style across all project spreads, as well as adding a sense of quality that the original images lacked.


Supporting graphics were found in the project technical drawing archives. These drawings convey the extent of the project designs using simple isometric views. Taken off the drawing sheets and cleaned up, they help the reader understand the complete project in one easy visual.

Motion design

To help explain both the off the shelf product and the large scale project team service, I created a set of house style animations using both 2D & 3D workflows.

Print design

One of the principal outputs from the project was the creation of a coffee table style case study book. The hardback book was issued to premium customers, as well as sent to leading architects firms and construction contractors.
A 3×4 grid was used throughout to offer plenty of variation in page layouts, and to showcase the breadth of project photography.
A sans serif (headlines) was paired with a classic serif (body copy) typeface to enhance the classic architects book feel.