Skincare & Wellbeing | B2C

Brand conceptualisation and packaging for a start-up skincare range aimed at pool swimmers



Poolside is a start-up brand aiming to provide a dedicated set of self care products to the many pool enthusiasts through out the UK.

With a nation of regular pool swimmers as well as a multitude of swimming clubs in the UK providing upwards of 14 hours a week in training for gala competitions (and with little in the way of specialist anti-chlorine skin and hair products), the team at Poolside have set about developing what they believe is the answer to every swimmers wellbeing needs.

My role

I was tasked by the Poolside team to create the brand concept, providing not only creative direction but all brand assets; graphic devices; typographic features and of course the packaging – all visualised in C4D.

Taking inspiration from the geometric visual language of swimming pool architecture, and the visual graphics of gala pools I set about creating a cohesive graphic language that runs through everything from visual devices, typography and photography.

The final output is aimed at appealing to a mainly feminine user (though not exclusively), with ages ranging from over 10 through to 99 (a common age category in swimming competitions).